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Although the entire time I was searching for a game that I could play god and have people turn on each other, I found this game, watched some YouTube videos on it. Bought it for myself, man, I’m having fun building. Although there is glitch where goblins won’t mine the barrel of coins.

Great Game

This is the best building game I have ever played, but I feel like there should be modern people so players could have a city. Also it would be nice if you could make more interactions between people or even factions. This is just my suggestion, and it’s still a great game. Pirates would also be cool.

Amazing but hv suggestions

Hi! I love the app, completely worth the money, and the graphics ARE JUST AMAZING! Though, the problems are people couldn’t open gates, go in houses, and animals walk on water, lol. Plus, when you add online plz make chat restrictions, cuz I’m not allowed to chat... anyway, thx for reading! Super good game! Bye! 😊 Edit: Plz add husky too! I’m making a snowy place, and horses, and it would be super cool if you could be one of the animals, people, or goblins and explore the world you made! 😊👍🏻 keep up the AMAZINGLY AWESOME work! Bye!

Love it!!

The game is great and I love to play it. It's fun to build and add people to your own littuwork my world. I have two requests though. Can you at a cliff edge that is only 1x1 instead of 1x2. Also, could you also decrease the prices of some things to make building it easier to build more diverse cities? Also, how about some modern people and could you add cars. Love your game. Thanks.

Love it! “Ideas”

I love this game! And each time I play it gets even better!!!! I wanna see something big with this tho! I think that it would make the app more life like if; you added lights to the building that can be turned on in night mode. Made the trees look as if they where swaying a little with wind. And an actuall pirate ship that is not broken would be epic!!!!” Keep it up!! 👍🏼😁

Very cool and very nice graphics

So the thing I most love is goblins and humans fight each other and the graphics are amazing the buildings are even cool. I want a few things added though, n1 please make it so people can operate vehicles, n2 I know you improve the zoom in but make a mode so you can like see what the person you chose is doing. Otherwise this game is amazing

Very relaxing

I love how casual the game is, I’ve enjoyed the simple graphics and the number of options to choose from when it comes to building

Amazing game but...

Amazing game though I think you should make a option to make the humans fight (like clans) but that’s the only issue in my opinion

Cloud Saves Don’t Work

This game is really relaxing and definitely worth the money, I would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of getting it despite the little bugs and quirks it has. I was really excited to see that it had updated with cloud saves, but unfortunately I can’t get progress to sync between my iPhone and iPad. I have an iPhone 6S+, which has my main town on it, and a 1st gen iPad Pro. Today I tried to download the app and sync my town to my iPad Pro, thinking it would be nice to take advantage of the larger screen size. My main town isn’t the original one called “Pocket Town”, I made a second one. Unfortunately the original Pocket Town seems to sync fine, but my second town doesn’t sync at all. On my iPad, the name of the town changes to “Failed”, and if you open it it just looks like the default town. I hope this bug gets resolved soon so I can play on my iPad.

Great way to tick time especially when on the car or plane for long periods

Awesome game, it can improve a lot, but so far so good👍

5 stars

I love this game, but it would be more fun if the creators add in theme park rides!

Don’t wast your money

Very bad. There is no tutorial . It is like a lego set with no instructions.

Great game!!!

Really no complaints here, I just appreciate the game’s beauty and art style...this game has serious potential!!

Needs some “Modes”

I think that there should be a mode like type of use in this game almost like a survival so you get a pre generated area and you have to gather resources build Everything. The game is fun for awhile but gets dull pretty soon. I think a challenging type of content like that would boost the fun. Thank you

Fun game but needs a lot more content

Right now it’s just building things and that’s it, there’s no real objective to get accomplished so after building something you’re already bored. It looks fantastic and has a lot of potential but for now it’s just another building sim with nothing to do. Also, PLEASE make adding people into the map the same as adding structures so we don’t have to open the menu, select a person and then select to drop them. We should be able to just keep pressing “drop” to add multiple at once.

Might just not be my style

I thought the game would have more depth and things to do but I guess u just build and farm rinse wash repeat but from the reviews I have read it seems to be a great game it just wasn’t my taste of game but I can still see the effort put into the game and I appreciate the developer for it ;) I

Love it but

Can you make it were they have family and sleep like real life and have to take care of the people like a Live world that would be so fun

Love it

I love this game so much. A few suggestions though, maybe make the goblins and humans more hostile towards each other. Would love to stage my own wars. Also, allow us to put people in boats, thrones, maybe some of the battle vehicles eventually, I know that’d be a big adjustment. Maybe add horses for the knights and the carts, battle rams for the goblins. That’d add to staging battles for sure. Also, in the future maybe expand a little on the elven race, different characters, props, buildings, it’d definitely be fun. Over all I have not one complaint about this game, it’s fantastic.

7/07/2018 Most recent update

Overall, this is a pretty solid game. It is simple yet complex enough for implementing your own imagination into the gameplay. But DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: what happened to the button in order to clear out the world while still being able to keep your resources? In the previous patch, whenever I pressed, “go back to starting area”, I would be able to reset the world while still being able to keep my: wood, food, but not gold(which I do not really mind). Could you fix this in the upcoming patch? Thank you.

Great game, but..

I really love the game I played it for A good amount of time but I really you keep updating the game and add more wild animals and add a new section of animals called the mythical section and add griffons and Pegasus minotouar and please read my review and good luck

Almost Worth It.

I would like it where you have unlimited supplies in a new world. And more modern. Thanks.

Good Game, But Needs More Substance

So, after playing for a few hours I’ve already grown slightly bored. The ability to build just about anything is amazing and the requirement for resources is great. However, I’d like a differentiation between each of the characters. Like a king shouldn’t be bother do be chopping down trees like a worker. I’d like a lot of interaction between each of the characters, not just between goblins and people. It’d also be really cool if the water had an actual use. Like maybe have fish roaming around and allow a fisher character catch them for food. Or have sharks and other dangerous animals in the water that can attack your boats and bridges. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop there for now. Thank you for making an amazing game! I look forward to see where this game goes! 🤗


Could You add modern people?

Great game

I consider this game to be very enjoyable and would recommend it to anyone who likes building worlds. The only reason I am giving four star is because when I made my account and signed in the game erased one of my worlds I have put a lot of time into.

Crashes on opening

Can't play anymore. The game crashes every time that I open the app.

Very important

Hi I was just checking some games and one of them was called rock of destruction by voodoo and I was looking at the video and I think they copied the building designs for this game idk I might be wrong

First Review Ever: Best Game Ever

Absolutely love this game to death. I donated the full amount. Please add more resources, or mechanics! I like interaction between the inhabitants.


I really like this game but I wish I could start from scratch and I can’t find a reset button please help


I’ve been playing this game since it first came out, and it has grown so much! There is always new and exciting features added. I can’t wait to see where the game goes next!

Awesome really like the game

Really cool game just missing a few things that surprised me 1. Horses 2. Ships/ large ocean vessels 3. Husky (dog breed) 4. Also unless I’m missing something there needs to be cliff edges or maybe shoreline edges for the thinnest sized land tiles 5. Modern people set 6. Cars/ Helicopters/ Planes / Trains? 7. Traffic lights 8. Futuristic world set 9. Ability to adjust building colors Thanks for an amazing ,relaxing game ,thanks for your time and keep up the good work!


Wow this is amazing as soon as I got in to play it I loved it ITs amazing GET the app the sandbox it’s AMAZING

No horses

This is a really good game but I’m not giving it 5 stars bc they need to add horses. If there are no horses what is the point. I’m deleting this app immediately bc of the lack of horses. I’m horrified. 0/10 Would no recommend. I’m only give this 4 stars bc I like everything else but since I’ve literally grown up w horses (aka my mom and dad are both beautiful paint horses. I turned out human still not sure how that works) I am very offended at the lack of meaningful creature. Good day

Landscaping is a PAIN

I think that this is a great game, and I love how you can build whatever you want without many limitations, but there is one issue that is super annoying. Building land/islands and landscaping!! It’s really fun to build cities and castles but it’s it’s a DREAD to make land. I think that their should be an easier way to build than the slow process of going tile by tile.


No complaints, I’ve had this game for a while, I decided to update this review to say how the company “Voodoo” used a lot of models from this game. I was wondering if they got permission. (Rock of destruction was the game)

Great builder game

Love the lack of time restraints and wait times. The Dev’s keep updates coming and I do believe with their continued hard work this early development could soon rival major dominators in the gaming industry for this builder type of genre. Ideas I’d love to see implemented are: The ability to purchase and place multiple people and goblins at a given location with a one click option instead of the grind to crank out 1k people-it’s monotonous. 2nd a similar idea for laying long straight lengths of fence with a single click option in a given direction. & lastly superior deleting options, like if I previously later a straight length of fence that I now want to change entirely I’d like to be able to select 10x or a numeric denomination of that fence and once click delete instead of the grind to delete 1x1. Thank you.

So cool

This game I just love it but one thing can you add more boats please thx you

Love the game!

This is one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing on iOS. One payment, and had was it, I didn’t have to buy anything else to build my dream kingdom. The game itself is fun and simple, and I fell in love with it immediately, and never left once I learned of the props. The few criticisms I have are that the interface is hard to use at times; while most items are free, there’s no way to make a free build world that allows anything to be built for free, which I would really like for a game like this; and there isn’t a name randomized for citizens or worlds, and while this is a small thing, it would really make the game a bit better, not having unnamed citizens roaming around. I would recommend adding a few more citizen types, like nobles and soldiers, and maybe add a throne for the human king, and just a few more houses in the medieval and western styles. Despite my few small criticisms, this is one of my new favorite games, and I will definitely be playing this for a long time.

Love It

I absolutely adore the way this app was created — no rules, no guidelines, just enough pointers to get started. You get to creatively build whatever you want. I can’t tell you how much time I have invested in some of my worlds and civilizations. I recommend this app for anybody who like a way to waste time in a productive and fun way.

(Almost) Endless fun

Overall, the game is good. I wish that you could design your own land plot size of sorts to create to better land bridges. There is so many buildings and overall objects that the only limit is your creativity. The graphics are nice and I have encountered little to no bugs/ crashes.


Could add invasion as random events

Awesome but could use businesses

I love the game. You can free build a little town or even a big town. Almost infinite things to do. But there is one thing I’d like; businesses. To where they will make you money as long as you have resources to supply them with food.

One of my fave building games

I bought this game yesterday and I have had a blast creating my own world! For the most part, it is very easy to use and figure out. So far my only real issue is that the fantasy building doesn’t seem to have a lot of options. Only a female elf. The cooler castle parts aren’t elven (which admittedly forced me to create a unique castle out of elven houses, but still). And some more fantasy plants and props would be cool! I’m still playing and loving it though, so clearly I’m having fun anyway!

I love this game

I love this game and want to give you suggestions for you game. I want there to be pre build coaster that you could put in your modern town and some nice new trees to put down. This is my last suggestion, I think you should add a way to make a few default worlds themed around the goblins or castle. It would be cool to see this features in my favorite mobile game in the world, thanks for your time and keep making the game the best game out there


I love it but sometimes it gets a little boring

Just some thoughts

Great game. Enjoy the Concept of it. But I agree with some of the reviews on how there’s no challenge. Another thing. I personally would enjoy cliff edges that covered only one block High therefore there wouldn’t be just squares in a world I’m trying to make as realistic as possible. Maybe even make it to where one block high could be like a hill or something to make it less blocky. If that makes any sense. And maybe even some stares that are too blocks high. But not all concrete? That would be great. Nevertheless it’s still a great game. Worth playing

Not enough to do

There is enough to build but it gets a little stale without any sort of objective. Maybe add missions of some sort?

Fun for a day but needs a little more

This game is so much fun. However, the only thing which stool out to me the first day I played it was the lack of interaction with the people. I think it would be nice if we were able to control the people a little more, such as setting them up in social classes or being to select their home (whether it be a house, castle or tent). Also, if people could have the option build up relation with select animals the game would seem more realistic. I really like where it is right now though!

Great game!!! But I have suggestions

I love this game and I love creating my own worlds, I just wish that they had more maps Than the default map. P.S. I’ve seen games that have stolen your items and putting them in their own game. I’m not sure if you’re ok with that so I’m just telling you. Thanks for the hard work!

Love this game, but...

I love this game. The style, animation, and building tools and materials are all very creative and well done. My only complaint is that recently my game has been crashing after an hour or so of work and the game ends up not saving my work. I have restarted and started the app 3 times and rebuilt what wasn’t saved 3 times to still have the game crash on me. I haven’t played the game in a couple of weeks because I don’t want to work so hard to build something I’m proud of with the fear that it will be deleted if the game crashes again. I hope I’m the only one who has experienced this, and I hope there is a fix for this soon so I can continue building!

Great beginning!

This game is a lot of fun... for a day. Unfortunately, it isn’t very interactive. Each character is hardly different from the last (and if they do have other qualities like harvest rates, we wouldn’t know because the game doesn’t tell you). The only difference is goblins fight humans. The wizard should have magic he fights with, elves should have something special they can do, and people should be able to be assigned to houses or work. I do hope they are heading in this direction and the care that they’ve taken so far gives me high hopes!

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