Pocket Build App Reviews

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Don’t want resources taking over

I don’t want to have to use resources and want there to be no point, that’s the way I like it

Great game

This game is amazing. Two things that would be cool would be to add quests or more pirate objects like a working pirate ship

Wonderful, but a couple setbacks

Like some people have probably already said, this game is great. I just wish there were more animal options. And people going into houses would be great, and dogs contributing to work. Also, please make more people and building options. I have noticed there is only a king as opposed to a king and queen. Thank you for your consideration

Needs More Build Option and System

Lacks an in depth build system

Has great potential

The gameplay is mediocre. The colors of the items are very bland. You can’t change the color of the items ,everything looks washed out. I guess you get what you pay for. $.99 is a great deal.

Amazing but here are suggestions

First: the catapults and other things like that should be able to be fired and aimed as well as having explosives that leave rubble until you send men to clean it up Second: Spreadable fires Third: The Black Death and other sicknesses that you can add and get rid of easily Fourth: realistic breaking...if explosives are added you should have realistic ish rubble so the thing you blow up doesn’t just instantly turn to a pile of rubble...it should have chunks of the building fall places

It’s ok...

It’s an alright game, very detailed creative mode with many different building options. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and commitment to build grand kingdoms and devious goblin lairs. I feel like a survival mode or option for the game would make it more playable.

Great Game, Great Concepts

I love this game, i think it could be cool for multiplayer. :)

Super fun!! Highly recommended!!

I love games where you can build/design stuff like towns and cities. I tried The Sims city building game but it got old way too quickly. This game is so much better, there are no achievements so you start out with all the decorations and props, and it’s so easy you don’t have to spend the first half hour doing the walk through (like in every other city building game I’ve tried). The only complaint I have is the lack of stairway and pathway designs, but other than that, this game is worth trying.

Best game ever

Absolutely worth every dime. Relaxing, great graphics. I usually play this game before bed. This game is absolutely masterful a work or art. However if the creators Added Vikings the game would be even greater

Can i get multiplayer

It’s a great game but could you make it multiplayer so I could play with friends make empires and go to war with each other with bigger maps and trade with 4-5 players please respond

More resources. And villager interactivity.

I think this game would be a little more interactive if there was more resources to gather. Also seeing the villagers and peasants interact with each other and buildings would be cool. I love the game so far.

It needs dragons and Dino’s

I love this game but I’m trying to make a Dino or dragon park also I want the characters to be able to ride cows bulls and maybe have goblins to break trees because I’m also making a Dungeons and dragons map so if you can please do that

Awesome game just recommendations

So first I think horizontal camera movement would be amazing so you can look your city’s skyscrapers from like ocean level (if that makes any sense) 2 different color apartment blocks mostly gray 3 during the night apartment blocks would light up (but you would be able to toggle it on and off) awesome game keep up the good work

Good game

I don’t know why it charged me extra for tax but altogether the game is very relaxing. Some things I would like to see are more people or citizens for your town and I would also like that the farm animal may produce some thing so they can be made useful. It is also very hard tho Chang the land to a different material. I do really like how calming it is to play and I can play for over an hour and not realize it. I do really like this game but a few changes would be nice

Very fun But

It would be cooler if you added more people like an executioner, priest, and a farmer and if you can put people in stockade that would help make the game a whole lot more alive hope you see my review

Hi :)

I just wanted to say that I love this app. The graphics are outstanding and I love the pigs. 🐷 I am currently building a market place selling things like fish and wood. This doesn’t have to be done right away it is just a suggestion, but what if you put so larger circus like tents in the game. I LOVE THIS GAME, THANKS!!!

Great game.

I love this game. All the updates are cool and fun. The creators should make the carts move. That means all the carts ,mobile weapons, and the trebuchet. This is a great game and you should download it. Good job creators.


All you can do is build with no real point. Becomes stupid boring after 5 minutes when you realize there’s no battles or opposing forces trying to evade. Nope, just you building, that’s it.

Needs some adjustments

The game is awesome, but the night mode looks really weird. The colors for night need to be more like the colors in the daytime. Yours are very bright colors. And I would like their to be more animals, at lower food and wood prices. Thanks 😄

Great game

I love the game and the creativity I just wish you could get someone who kills animals and that characters interacted more and you could set it up so they set up paths if you want them to on there own

Beautiful and fun game!

I usually play this just before going to bed. It lets my mind wander and it's the perfect way to wind down. The music definitely helps. The art direction is beautiful! My only feedback would be to name all the items. Some of them are already labeled but not all.

Great Game...

I’ve been playing for only a few days and I’m already addicted. It’s a fantastic game and I wish there were more like it. One glitch however is that when stairs lead down to water, people will walk down them and start walking on water. But other than that it’s a great game nonetheless!

Not optimized for iPhone X yet?

Just surprised it hasn’t been optimized for iPhone X yet. Lots of words show up behind the iPhone’s black ear speaker so you can’t read them. Pretty annoying.

100% Worth it

I did not know there were people before but there are so many things you can do in this game it is amazing🙌🏼100% worth the money I want to buy more games like this

Great Game, couple minor things

This game is fantastic! The only super minor gripes I would have are that there should be some kind of tutorial option, as it took me 3 days to accidentally realize I could pan the camera, and in one of the little loading picture the big gray stone gate is slightly open, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to open it. Also I’d like to have some more bridges at different heights - currently all the bridges I’ve seen have a height of either 2 blocks (which I used as a dock) or 4 blocks (which are super duper tall). It’d be nice to have 1-4 height bridge sections so I can make it look like a bridge that naturally follows over an area with various height/depth so that the ground doesn’t have to be perfectly level underneath the bridge. But, all in all, this game is absolutely fantastic and I love it!

Bruh i love the concept of this awesomeness

Can i have more plants? I wanna be a gardener! Lol Uh and i cant remove rocks, unable to delete-which is sad when i misplace, i had to start over update 1.5.41 Cant delete anything anymore it disappears on me instantly when i try to move or delete anything gotta wait again... Update 1.7.2 Love the new update Really want to be able to zoom in and out of my world more. Mostly out so i can see everything that i have built.my cousin would also like this feature for his game too. Please please please AND THANK YOU FOR THE PLANTS MWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA 1.8.2 Holy yes i been waiting for this update! Much easier to see what i want to build overall. Love this app. Selfish we are, i would love more jungle like plants!

Add modern civilization and soldiers

This is a great game but it would be perfect if it had modern people and soldiers

Don’t get it

It’s boring and doesn’t have a lot of content to it would like a refund but I honestly don’t care.

Great but needs one fix

Great and fun creative app, but I am having problems with building. Sometimes certain things won’t build on top of what is already there and is displayed inside of the ground instead of on top of it. Maybe a button to change the elevation of an item would help.

Really good game

I love this game the concept of it is really fun and it has really good graphics. The developers are constantly updating the game with is nice to have new content to play with. I do wish that there were different modes and you could develop different factions. It would be interesting to see if the developers could add a mode that would make it kind of like sim city with progression to unlock different building and have the ability to develop a living society but that is a big task to accomplish. Overall it’s a really great game with being able to build your region anyway you desire it to be. Really great job with Pocket Build.

Awaiting further updates

Great building game, but i want more. The building aspect is an awesome game itself. Helps soothe anxiety. I think it would be awesome to have a mode where you can play as a character and survive with objectives. Some sort of RPG. maybe interacting with other players too. I am sure you are busy improving already, keep up the great work :)

Get it

Could use a few more things like a dragon and more fake things

Awesome game !!

I have been play lots of building town mobile game ~ But this one now is one of my favorite~ Like the pastel tone feeling of whole game design color ~ :) and lots of thing to build ~ :) I am even waiting for more nice game to come from this developer ~😀


It is a good game that will most likely do very well, however I have suggestions for updates. 1.bigger sound track 2.modern vehicles 3.generator prop 4.ability to delete multiple items 5.ability to send food and wood to other worlds you own 5.more items for goblins 6.cats 7custom colours for animals 8.ability to place multiple items at once 9.multi player building ability’s 10.food troughs that is all. The must haves are numbers 3,4,5,6,7,9 and 10

Update for iPhone X!

The game doesn’t completely fit well on the iPhone X screen. Some of it is blocked by the top part of the phone.




Please add a story or campaign that would be awesome. Keep up the good work.👍

Great game but....

It’s a fantastic game but I can’t seem to layer some objects. It would be cool if there was a way to change the y position it’s kind of hard to build floating islands but besides that it a great game

Great game but..

I’d like to hear different background music. After a while it gets annoying. Also, if it had an objective it would be kinda cool. You only built stuff and make a world. It’s cool but the objects in this game aren’t interactive except for the trees and food for the people. Overall it’s pretty relaxing to just make your own world.

Add more npc interactions

It’s a great game and i love the creative concept. But, I would prefer if there were more interactions between the people and such in the game and maybe if we had more control over what the people could do. Hopefully this gets implemented in the future. Thank you.




Nothing’s changed and hasn’t fixed the torches lighting yet, may delete the game soon

This game is great.

I really like this game, because you can build almost anything. There are many kinds of blocks people props etc. Unfortunately I do have problems. First the camera has a very limited distance and a limited field of view. Next the people and goblins don’t fight that well. They only fight once they are on the same block. You can improve this by giving them a detection range. You can also let us choose what they prioritize, like Goblins first then food then wood. Aside from that the “vehicles don’t work. I see balistas Trebuchets and so many more but they don’t seem to work. If they were to work it would be advisable that the operator would have an increased detection range. Automatically prioritizing Killing Goblins. To put the people in the “vehicles” we just put them on it and they will automatically stay there until you drag them out. Well that’s it for now, thank you for listening.

Love it, but possibly more?

This is overall one of my favorite building games and was worth the .99, But I have a few suggestions. My main suggestion would be if we could have our OWN character and family that we can create. I feel like that would really bring the game to life and make it feel like you are part of the world you made. The other suggestions would be children for making families, Schools, random goblin invasions, the ability to click on a character and send them places like school or church, lights coming from inside the homes, and horses! So the people can ride them, just have them, and use them when fighting goblins. My thought on this game overall is that I love it and I think its growing. Thank you!

Good game but

I wish the paths connected

Great game over all

Great game but has nothing to accomplish. I know you are probably fixing this but the AI is pretty bad. Firearms, different people like more diverse cultures and features. The game has unlimited potential and I believe it is going to be great. Thank you developers and good luck.



Great, but:

Love it, but I want to suggest playable characters in the game


i love this game & its super good for anxiety but i wish there were more options. there needs to be more props and different ways to build a world but overall i really enjoy it

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