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Compatibility issues with iPad mini 1!

This is was a great app for my writing and world building it has good graphics, and hundreds of objects to build, the possibilities are infinite. But I can't use this beautiful app, it loads and *crashes, and I haven't been able to open it for the past 2 updates. I'm sure it's my device but I know there is something you can do to make it work. This app is one of the best apps on mobile, would gladly buy it again. *im on iPad mini 1

Amazing Game, One Suggestion

This game is so amazing!!! I can’t stop playing it! My only suggestion would be to continue the world on into the buildings. What I mean by this is that it would be cool if you could go inside of the buildings and build!!! Besides that idea, this game is perfect!!!

If you’re looking a game like pocket city don’t buy

This game is kinda frustrating. You have to build every little detail

My eyyyesss

The game is great in many ways, but the flat single color terrain pieces are what drive me away. If they are bright it’s like staring are neon construction paper. If they arn’t they are disturbingly undetailed.


The game has since been updated. Good game.

Great game, some suggestions.

I have loved this game ever since I bought it. From the relaxing music to the almost infinite number of creations you can make, I have enjoyed this game and I think MoonBear is doing a great job. As great as the game is, I still see so much room for improvement to make the game even greater and here are a few suggestions; I would love to see more fantasy creatures like the fantasy boar in the game and not just realistic creatures, I think it would be a great idea to add sloped blocks of various shapes and sizes to help make more interesting and special creatures, I would also love to see a tool or mechanic that allows you to adjust the height and depth of an object. I hope the game continues to improve greatly and I will look forward to seeing it grow. Keep up the great work!

Just one issue

Hello developer. I love your game so much, but I just have one issue. Some times I’ll try to zoom in or out and I’ll rotate be camera in a strange way and it gives me a hawk-eye view that is difficult to fix. Other than that, I love this game.

Great game, but I believe it’s a new game....

This game is AMAZING! You can build, some comments are complaining about building with no point, I’m ok with that! It is totally worth the 1.99 I spent. But like others, there is not to much to do. It would be nice if there was a delete button to delete worlds. Also, if you click something then move it, I know that there’s a rewind. But also, maybe there could also be a exit and reset for objects. It would also be awesome if there were more people. Like mordern people and werewolves and so on, and maybe more animal options. Like hunters. Overall this is my favorite game. Ever. Congrats to the developers on masking the #1 best game in the App Store!

Animals and other ideas

I think that you should add horses and baby animals to the animal list and lower the prices of logs and food so we can buy more stuff. Thank you! 3-21-18 I also think that you should add donkeys and make the animals able to breed and new types of dogs. You should also make us able to feed the animals so they can grow bigger! You should also make it so the dogs can herd the other animals like the chickens and the sheep. Also when the animals run into each other they look like they are inside of each other so you should fix that too. 9/3/18 I think that you should also add small animals like hamsters guinea pigs and birds and make it so we can decorate the house and step inside too.

Forgot to mention

Like many others it would be awesome if modes were added, and if people could put thing on fire, theft, etc. Prison systems would be awesome as well. Adding a way where you could build an actual operative defence base and people attack it would be amazing! Also can there be a way for their to be culture, such as spreading a religion to the people. 😄 Also the developers have stated multiplayer and other such features will be added to make it more enjoyable, hooray!

Thank you

One of my best games ever thanks for you developers

Bruh i love the concept of this awesomeness

Can i have more plants? I wanna be a gardener! Lol Uh and i cant remove rocks, unable to delete-which is sad when i misplace, i had to start over update 1.5.41 Cant delete anything anymore it disappears on me instantly when i try to move or delete anything gotta wait again... Update 1.7.2 Love the new update Really want to be able to zoom in and out of my world more. Mostly out so i can see everything that i have built.my cousin would also like this feature for his game too. Please please please AND THANK YOU FOR THE PLANTS MWAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA 1.8.2 Holy yes i been waiting for this update! Much easier to see what i want to build overall. Love this app. Selfish we are, i would love more jungle like plants! 1.8.34 Always happy with the happy update Was hoping we could get some working ships to sail around. Right now theres only wrecked ships 1.8.6 Still waiting for working ships and maybe a bit more zoom

Great Game! BUT

Fantastic game and absolutely love the content and endless ideas you can come up with, yet y’all have really been slacking on the content. We need new characters and buildings and modes to keep us going.

Nice graphics

Love the look But so hard to build I have these water blocks floating midair and there is no way for me to select it manually with buttons and the touch control just isn’t getting them. :(

Maybe add?

The game is great and fun. Maybe add a way to just make a little creative mode where you can have unlimited of everything. That or a 2x speed or 3x speed. Harvesting the resources are slow especially if you want to create a big city when building require a lot of wood and food.


I lost my world... all because it was an old version world and I synced with the cloud and now it’s gone. I hate it, pls help

Good start but needs improvement

Overall a really cool game with a great concept, but it could do with new content such as characters, races, mythical creatures (dragons would be cool) naval units and buildings as well as a more active, possibly warlike mode, as opposed to the very passive builder it is now. My primary issue with the game is it’s cloud saving feature which seems to be painfully slow to load if not completely broken. One of the larger worlds I had built was lost completely because of apparent errors in the cloud downloading process, and the much smaller one I built to replace it is practically unplayable because of the time it takes to load. This needs to be fixed because as it stands the game is barely playable, which is a shame because all things considered it really is one of the better games out there.

Great game!

As someone who loses focus a lot and struggles with depression/anxiety this game has been so helpful in calming down my mind as well as being really fun! The design is very clean and pleasant to look at and building up your town is very exciting. Love that you can name individual avatars. It would be really cool to see a little diversity there, even just color changes/options for skin and clothes, could be random or you could select them. A little more diversity in types of people would be nice too (i.e blacksmiths, tailors, etc) but the developer is constantly rolling out updates which is also really great so there is always little tweaks or additions to content which keeps things fresh. All in all a really good addition to your gaming apps.

Relaxing Creativity Booster!

I absolutely adore this app for many reasons. 1. It is ACTUALLY a sandbox game! Many games are labeled ‘sandbox’ while you have to buy and work super hard for every little thing. 2. It doesn’t cross the difficulty meter. When it comes to sandbox games, there’s a meter of difficulty. Easy, fun and frustrating/boring. When a game is easy, you have absolutely no limits including having to work for a certain item. Often, the game becomes boring due to lack of motivation. (Difficulty meter should end here.) When a game is fun, it is like this app. There is a currency needed to unlock certain items, but not too many and gaining the currency is simple. When a game is frustrating, you have to work so hard and have to unlock almost everything to make a simple house. The annoyance becomes to repetitive that the game becomes boring and pointless. These kinds of sandbox games aren’t even sandbox games. 3. It boosts creativity. I feel very calm and happy when I play this game. Even when I don’t use wood or food to get anything, I have a vast variety of materials I can use to build. This was my dream game for so long, and I’m really happy I found it. A bunch of ideas soar through my head while I play this game. No, I’m not saying you have to have 300 IQ to understand this game and it goes over the typical player’s head, I’m saying this game is great for EVERYONE. It’s super fun and you don’t have anything to brag about to make others feel poor. If this game was super popular, nobody would shame others who don’t use wood or food. In conclusion, this is probably the best game I’ll ever play. Highly recommended. (Edit: This game is still wonderful, but I do think that it could use a few more animals. Also, the gates don’t really open or human NPCs don’t open them. This is an extremely endearing game, I’m still playing it now.)

Here’s some ideas

Okay you’re game is really fun and it can be better -add more modern things Like People Pets Stores Restaurant Roads Houses -gladiator fights!! What’s the one thing that you build in this game other than a kingdom ,A gladiator ring -make gladiators -fix the cage glitch -maybe some people can cheer and dance -assign weapons -exercises Upgrade -upgrade axes Weapons Faster work Transportation Cars People can get on horses Trains Thanks for reading this

Very detailed game!

Really fun build-it game! There are tons of different and unique items to scatter around your world, and lots of open space! If I could just make a recommendation for the developer: simple torches that require minimal resources and cobblestone tiles! Cobblestone tiles would be great for building a foundation for castles!

It’s a great game

I give this game five stars because it’s fun you don’t really need to buy stuff to have fun I fully recommend this game it is worth the money if you are looking for a sandbox game this is the best one I can’t stop playing it and can you add more animals like sharks fish alligators 🙃


A long time ago I asked about multiplayer I want to know if that’s still going to be a thing.


How do you delete the new tiles the smaller ones that you can just touch and the appear I can’t get them to delete and it’s making things difficult...

Great game

It would be great if this game could have sand to make beaches and deserts. Also pirates and modern people would be cool.

Developers: Please consider the following

First off, I’d like to thank y’all for making this a non in app purchasing game, and making this amazing game extremely affordable and worth the price. I love the physics of the game, and it creates a new type of experience for players. Things to add: curves for terrain could help -More buildings(selection is good but more elvish and other creatures buildings) -Game modes: Allow the colonies you create to war with each other more efficiently. Maybe select the King’s of the two colonies and have a battle button -More creatures, maybe add dwarfs and giants, definitely add classes to each, archers lancers and whatnot -Make weapons work, you have an amazing amount of weapons in this game, make em work! -Increase design and variety of everything! Overall this game has SO MUCH POTENTIAL you guys could make yourselves legends in the gaming world. Make these things happen and I’m very sure people will suggest your game to everyone, including me. Thanks for your time!


This game is great, I go on here so many time to kill time and I think it’s is really fun l like how I don’t have to pay to get a super cool item or unlock levels it’s already there for u to use and I love that But it would be cool to add mines in the game to get ore. also it would be nice to add a few other types of people like pirates, elf’s, fairy’s, dwarfs, and modern time people and be able to set up trade routes for ships to get supplies from you friends or npc also it would be soooooooo cool if you could have children that could play around help and since there children they will do chores 2x as fast as adults would since there fast and small and also maybe make it so you can have a truce with the goblins so you can all live in harmony together


Please add modern vehicles, I would really be happy with construction mods too, thanks

I like it but...

I really like this game! I played it for a long time since this iPhone! I love it 😍 But too much bugs. I don’t know why but it’s bugging me! Please squash the bugs.

Super fun but suggestions

Ok I just bought it and I love it but I have a suggestion. You should have breeding in the game. Like you should make it able to let us as the players pair up a couple and they can start a family. And have it available for animals too. I would absolutely give 5 stars for that. Thanks for the awesome game! 🙏

Very simple

I like to create worlds for D&D and this definitely helps me visualize it! It’s a very simple app, easy to use, and has in game methods of collecting resources which I love so I’m not spending more money to create and add to each area! The people wander which is both cool and a little annoying since I’d like them to stick to one area or specific place without fencing them in. I have zero complaints and only one suggestion, maybe think about an option for users to tell the people to stay put.


I like it but I find the knights to be a little...useless, I was expecting to use them to protect my town from monsters or raids even, but they seem to only be there for decoration, I like the stress less play style but perhaps a different mode where your town is in danger and the knights are more usefull would be a appreciated, I’ve never written a review before, and I love this game but if this is all the knights have to offer... I’m gonna need a refund.


First of all.. I had waited a long time for this app because i kept forgettingtoaddmypaymentmethod...BUT. I. Love. This. Game. The graphics are amazing, I just love the freedom the game allows. you can do anything!! I’ve spent hours playing this and it honestly couldn’t be better, I LOVE this app. ✨♥️ 20/10 DEFINITELY would recommend

You guys are hilarious

Man... I was laughing my behind off to the developer responses, in the “Critical” category of the ratings!!! 🤣 whoever is in charge of replying to reviews is super funny!!! 👍👏 Also: the music you use in the game trailer should be changed. Using stock music in a trailer of any media is unprofessional and causes consumers to loose interest in your product. ☝️

I loved it back then but now

I played a lot of app games in my time and this game was one of them. I remember how it used to be. You could build whatever you wanted and add people add animals build castles and build a empire but now in 2018 you can’t build whatever you want well you can but you have to pay for it not with real money. Right now I’m going to see if anything has changed and if it did I’m going to be glad if not then my rateing is 1 star

Why isn’t there any war? It makes the game boring

The only problem about this game is there is barely any war or fighting in the game, to fix this problem you can 1. Add more goblins or 2. Make the fighting run better what I mean by this is you literally have to make 2 people run into each other in order for them to fight, that becomes really frustrating. Sometimes 2 enemy’s run side by side from each other and it doesn’t make them fight unless they look at eachother directly. Summary: make the game have more conflict if you want people to have your game for more than a week rather than just deleting it, and make it so just making 2 people walk into each other isn’t the only way of starting a battle

Jimmy John Joe

I had this game for some time now. The music is great. Graphics couldn’t be better. Interaction between the characters are cool as well. The only problem is, it is a bit difficult to get the to battle, and most of the time they just Ignore each other. Also all the characters/humans and goblins are 1 1/2 or 2 blocks tall. It would be cool if you added other monsters, like dragons or giant goblins. That would make me like this game even more than I already do. Also added city folks for the modern items would be fantastic as well. It would also be cool if you could control the characters yourself, or just click a button if you want them to wander, harvest, or battle. That would be AMAZING and make it easier to make them do want I want. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Great game

Love it, but have some additions that I would like

This game is amazing, it has a lot of great things in it. However, there are some features that would make it better. A big one is the ability to rotate buildings less than 90° being able to have a wall facing diagonal would make for some cool scenes. Also, add bigger ships, you already have big shipwrecks, so why not big ships?

Great But...

This is a great game, but when I was playing around with the lighting, night mode did not look realistic. It looked like inverted colors from day mode.I would just make the objects darker than inverted colors! Thx :D

Not loading

I have an iPhone 5 and it had been loading for 5 minutes and has not loaded up yet and I don't know what to do.

Another review

I’m not sure if your still working on this game but I have a few suggestions for it. My first one is to be able to play as characters and go into first person to explore the world My second one is asking a lot of you but I think you can pull it off. I think it would be cool if the game automatically merged buildings together that are touching. You can then have the option to add walls and furniture and stuff If you read this (dev) please respond if you will possibly do this. Thanks!

Love the app but

Could you add roller coasters Water rides Bigger boats Swimming pools Play grounds Trampolines Bigger trees Kids Babies


I like the game very much but I think it would be cool to make it where the fishermen actually catch fish. They may already idk. Another cool thing would be where you can assign home to villagers that they go to at night or random times to rest.

Amazing game

This game is overall amazing! It’s a simple concept, yet it could be expanded in so many ways. I like the idea of the resource collection. It’s brings a feeling of building up your own empire. The resources can be then be used to build certain things. Wood has been very useful, but the food could be used for more things. To fix this you could up the cost of pre-existing items, or you could add more items. Animals use a good amount of food, but simply not enough. And I don’t want to have a bunch of the same species in one area. If you could add more animals, I would love to see horses, and more wild animals. (I love the different breeds of dogs). I would love to create an amazing zoo with all different types of animals. (I love animals) Another note, a couple mud cliffs are still slightly off color. I think it’s the one by one corner piece, and the largest turning/corner price. That’s all I’ve been bothered by as of recently. Ok one last thing. Add some type of auto save.. I left the app for about 15-20 minutes then reopened the app and lost about 2 hours of work. It takes forever to create land, but I didn’t mind until now. Now I have to recreate the whole island I was working on :/

Fix the grass

The game is great but when I add grass the animals can’t walk through it. So can you please fix that.

The game is great but it needs more

I love how u can do whatever u want but the game needs a bit more purpose. Like maybe u can actually be attacked by pirates or something and u have to fend them off. Plus u could get could get rewards for winning. Some people just don’t wanna sit there and build a giant house because the house doesn’t do anything besides the fact that u can look at it. Edit: I feel like the ballista, battering ram, and the catapult thing should work on something


Although the entire time I was searching for a game that I could play god and have people turn on each other, I found this game, watched some YouTube videos on it. Bought it for myself, man, I’m having fun building. Although there is glitch where goblins won’t mine the barrel of coins.

Amazing but hv suggestions

Hi! I love the app, completely worth the money, and the graphics ARE JUST AMAZING! Though, the problems are people couldn’t open gates, go in houses, and animals walk on water, lol. Plus, when you add online plz make chat restrictions, cuz I’m not allowed to chat... anyway, thx for reading! Super good game! Bye! 😊 Edit: Plz add husky too! I’m making a snowy place, and horses, and it would be super cool if you could be one of the animals, people, or goblins and explore the world you made! 😊👍🏻 keep up the AMAZINGLY AWESOME work! Bye!

Love it!!

The game is great and I love to play it. It's fun to build and add people to your own littuwork my world. I have two requests though. Can you at a cliff edge that is only 1x1 instead of 1x2. Also, could you also decrease the prices of some things to make building it easier to build more diverse cities? Also, how about some modern people and could you add cars. Love your game. Thanks.

Love it! “Ideas”

I love this game! And each time I play it gets even better!!!! I wanna see something big with this tho! I think that it would make the app more life like if; you added lights to the building that can be turned on in night mode. Made the trees look as if they where swaying a little with wind. And an actuall pirate ship that is not broken would be epic!!!!” Keep it up!! 👍🏼😁

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