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Good Potential, Needs work

Idea is good, but unfortunately the execution just isn’t great. The building feels clunky and there are just a ton of small quality of life features that don’t exist that just make the whole thing feel tedious. With some work this could actually be very enjoyable.


🤫 don’t tell any other sandbox developers. This is a really cool and fun game. But could you add it where the animals and people have better ai because they kind of just walk around and gather stuff. But still this games real cool

Best game I've ever bought

First off this game is AMAZING! The developer seems to of put a lot of time and energy into the game which I could clearly see. It is a great game if want to sit down and relax. The biggest thing I would add to the game is more interactions between the goblins and the people! The knights could gather up and try to find goblin hide outs and capture some goblins and vise Versa! Also you should be able to put goblins or people in the prop cages! I've also made a market place in my city of Lazar but sadly the people don't want to stay in the market place and would rather wonder off. It would be nice if they interacted with the food barrels or stayed near tents! Another idea, the king! (When he walks by his people)they should bow or show him respect when he is around or they should gather around him. The king should also not be like the rest of the people and chop down trees and farm. It's the little things that make a big differences! But keep doing your thing developer! You're doing a great job!

I haven't played this game yet

I haven't played this game yet but when I get the time to I imagine it will be a really swell game. When I find the time I will prepare me a big old bowl of grapes and make some apple sauce and a glass of orange juice. Then I will open this app and play this game and it will be the greatest bestest time ever.

Love you guys

I dont think ive ever written a review for a game before, but ive had this game for a couple months now and it is absolutely mind boggling that you guys genuinely read through the comments and add things. It makes the fans feel like they can change the game. Keep up the good work

Wonderful little game...but needs something more

I really enjoyed the relaxed nature of this game... but I would like the people and animals to interact with each other. At the moment, a princess does the same thing as a worker, whenever I put a princess down it swerves to the nearest tree and starts chopping!!! I don't believe the princess should cost more if she just does the same thing. also, please add cats because cats always make games better.

Love this game! Has so much more potential.

My friend and I downloaded this game yesterday and it’s the best paid game we have gotten in a while. This game could have a lot more features that could make the experience even better. This includes a day/night cycle, ambient noises like birds, water, and people talking, randomly generated worlds for people who want to make a new world but don't want to go through the hassle of making all the land, and making building stuff cost at least something since practically all the food and wood is used for is buying people and goblins and some other buildings. I hope that some of these features are implemented and thanks for reading!

Great But Missing A Few Things

Please Add Gold,Iron,Stone, and etc and add merchants too and mines. I personally think that would make it more fun.

Amazing game but one thing

Your game is great I've always loved the sandbox games where you can build anything you want.After your finished with this game could you make a city game like this but modern day with a cars and tall buildings etc.

cant wait to see whats next

so fun and relaxing. its nice to feel so in control over a little world. it would be cool if we could have some godlike powers like shooting lightning or starting fires or changing the weather. also would be nice if the cliff edges were somehow easier to manage, it takes so much effort just to make an island look nice that i just dont make new ones. maybe some other features to add more dimensions to the game like the villagers can shack up in a house and make a family or something, maybe the royal characters could have something special they do instead of just doing what everyone else does, wizards and elves could have some sort of magick or something. anyways still really awesome and i know youre working really hard to make this better. cant wait to see what comes next 😁

Great game but some notes

Very fun game, but like most people have already written...where is the purpose? It's a wonderful game with great graphics but what's the point tif having knights if there is no one to attack other than a goblin that won't attack right away. Also I wish that there were more ships. Frigates and man o' wars both idle and moving would be great. Also fishing vessels. One other thing that would be nice is if the towers that you built were actually defensive. I put a goblin in the middle of a lot of towers hoping arrows or something would be shot out. Even if you had to put people inside of the tower that would be just fine, but then again you can't put people inside of buildings. All in all a great game but there could be some improvements.

I like it but

There needs to be more than just build build build like a prebuilt castle or something that you have to destroy or like a destruction mode or fighting but if you’re looking for peaceful sandbox with unlimited possibilities of peace this game is the one for you


Definitely worth it it’s amazing

Multiplayer building Via Lan please

Great game can we get co-op building though

A few suggestions...

This game is great. You can design your own world from a variety of objects. The new addition of an undo button makes building even easier. There are some things I think should be added into the game, such as light sources (torches or lamps), and with them a day/night toggle or cycle switch. This will greatly bring out the beautiful scenery you can make with this game.


I love how there’s no resource management it limitless and really fun

Honest Review

As someone who just got the game a few hours ago, i’v been playing it for hours. So it’s pretty good clearly. Though it needs a lot of work as it is A WORK IN PROGRESS, there are a lot of elements that simply aren’t there. Though i suspect eventually will be. So though I like where it is going, do not buy if you expect a completed product. Personally all I could ask for in addition are simple things like having the NPCs go to the armory for weapons. Or an upgrade for them. A simple villager should not be strong as a knight. Mass unit movement, it’d be nice to be able to assign units to numbered groups so you can tell them to move in the same direction and all at once. An Terrain Edit mode and a Movement mode, so that I don’t move the ground when I select units and villagers. And more. For fun though, since the remove unit animation is as if the unit has been stabbed. They should have it so that when you click remove unit, the reaper or Dullahan appears to do the deed.

I hate it when

When I accidentally drag the land and all my people and animal go below then when I put the land back on they are bury beneath and I have to drag the land back out and put them somewhere safe then put the land back on and then put them all back on ☹️😐😐😐😞why can’t they all just float back to the land when I put the land back in place? We need a lock 🔒 the map button so that we can’t move anything by accident only when we need to. Also we need some fishes because my lake and pond are empty🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟🐠🐟.

Add more features

Add a feature that allows you to locate your people. I'm pretty sure I lost some (under a layer of land) while rearranging the wold they are living in.

How to unlock buildings?

Ok so for some people and buildings you need to have a certain amount of food and wood. Everything is free. But how do you get more wood and food?

Listen... you all could have loved it, but...

I didn’t like it, it really wasn’t fun... there is nothing to do, wasn’t worth the dollar (to me). I tried to play it, but it just drained my battery and I didn’t even have any fun, anyways, it’s cool, but just not for people who don’t like to slowly build every single detail and aspect of something. But hey, if you like that, totally get it

Another thing

This game is really good and I feel like I can play this my whole life! There is one thing that’s a problem, People can’t walk on rocks or that town hall’s stairs. Besides that the game is pretty much 👍🏼. Thank You!

Amazing game!

It's so simple, yet so complex at the same time. I can't believe I haven't found this game before! It's like Minecraft and The Sims had a child! Definitely worth buying. Now for a few suggestions for the developers if you hadn't thought of them already; domestic livestock (goes so well with the farming lifestyle), butchers (for livestock and other animals), hunters (for wild animals), children and/or relationships, tamers (for dire wolves and such), wild animals are skittish and will attack humans (for realism), and more animals (for our crazy animal lovers, like myself).

Great “game” but a couple of suggestions

I love this game but but a couple of things I would like to see added would be, being able to zoom out more. And a fill tool to fill in huge spaces of land

Great game! However....

I love this game but I think there should be an easy way to make good looking mountains. As of right now, it’s pretty hard to have any change in elevation look nice. Other than that..... 👍🏽

Fun but

I like this game a lot. My idea is to make this like kingdoms and castles. It would be fun because you have your own kingdom and you could fight. Also you would have a kingdom or castle and a village and people could attack. Also you should make more point in this game. You should have an objective. You should be able to trade supply’s.

So fun!!!

This game is definitely worth it! There are almost no limits whatsoever and there’s so much you can do and t never gets old. The only thing I’d ask for it more kinds of people to put in your world. I don’t know if this is something you’re working on now, but if you could add this it would be amazing. Some good ones could be a Queen, children, a ninja (cuz ya know, can’t go wrong with ninjas), an enchantress, a beast tamer, or any other kind of specific worker. Like I said, this game is great, thank you and keep up the good work!

Fun but...

People can walk on water but not across bridges. I don’t know how to heal people so they just die.


Ok... One word, amazing. The graphics are really simple but really pretty as well. If you looking for a good introduction to the game continue reading. When you first start out you start in this pre-made world. You can experiment with it and find out what you can do. Which includes moving people, animals, trees, houses, parts of the ground and so much more around. You can get rid of anything as well. Or add anything clicking the little button in the right hand corner. When you decide your done playing around click the button at the top left. And it pops up with this little icon where you can click add world. Then you start a new world all from scratch, even the floor you place. It's so amazing and kinda reminds me of Minecraft in a way. It is pixelated as well but not "Minecraft pixelated". It reminds me of Minecraft because of the wide world of what you can do. I do have some suggestions like adding in a willow tree, more styles of houses, customizable people maybe ( you can already change there names.) , and being able to take and give the people and maybe even animals food. It you read this far thx, and I hope you purchase the game!!! ❤️✌️🌺



Awesome app, but since we have modern props...

We already have modern props, so please add modern houses and skyscrapers! I really wan to be able to build modern cities in this game.

A few suggestions

This game is fun but after a while it gets dull so I was thinking if you could make animals play a role because all they do is walk around, kings control people for you, babies cause there’s two genders, and buildings play a role I hope you keep adding stuff thanks also when is survival mode out and add hierarchy so higher ups command lower class. It would be cool if you could control aspects of their lives such as religion and make disasters .also can you make it so they sometimes instigate a war instead of wondering about aimlessly

Great game for artistic people

Firstly, I would like to give props to the developer for working so hard on this game, with such a low price! I’ve never seen such a hard working game developer. Now on to my review: THE GOOD The game offers a lot of variety in creating different type of worlds. Different biomes are available, like snow, desert, and marshes. You can really create a unique city and it does not feel like a cookie cutter type of building. People do interact in the world but to a limited amount. THE BAD There were a few things that I wish this game had to offer. There is not much of a reward system besides a few items here and there you can build with supplies. I wanted something to challenge me. For example, requiring resources to build anything. This reward type system would make you work towards a city, instead of just building one quickly. Secondly, I was hoping for a empty world with land to build on. You have to hand place land squares around to create land and this can be a bit tedious. Lastly, to have goblins, you must build a city for them. Which defeats the purpose of any survival feeling any RTS fan wants THE VERDICT If you are looking for an artistic approach to creating a city/world without much strategy, this is the game for you. If your looking for city defending, gathering resources, and building up with resources; this game is not for you.

What it says it is.

I was hoping for more of a challenging land taking type of game. But no. It is just building a town. They can’t even expand their own city. I wouldn’t play this if it were free. Was not worth paying for.

Not creative at all....

I long for the days where I could just build, try new things and see how it would work out as in the old SimCity. I don’t want to work on building something just to have some nutcase with more $$ than self worth, come in and tear it all apart, just because they can, so this was appealing. But, there are no “great graphics” and no purpose or logical progression to the structures, or characters involved (and where btw is the Queen?). There doesn’t seem to be any cause and affect here, even for growth (of the characters or the town). Keep the buck I spent, maybe it will help make this something worth my time, but it’s not even close yet.

It’s fine

I didn’t really like it. If I could refund I would. But that doesn’t stop me from saying you should try it.

Awesome graphics and great gameplay, but...

I love almost everything about this game! I like the graphics, NPC looks, and a ton more! I just wish that NPCs were able to interact with props (like the anvil, cages, well etc.) and it would be nice if you could give players weapons and tools to increase their speed with farming things or fighting goblins, on that same note why are there zombie farmers... but not ordinary farmers🙃? Boats can drive on land for some reason and people can walk on water which is amusing 😄 and I’m sure many people agree that a goblin invasion every once and a while would be fun too. I’m sure you are working on people walking in houses, sitting down etc. but if you were able to take the VIEW of one of your mini-citizens and see your kingdom in full. The last thing is that it is always day, which takes away from the nice-ness of the game. All in all though it is a really great game! The graphic’s voxel-ish art style is a great fit for the game as well. This game is definitely growing and ha slots of room to keep going (keep the updates commin’😉) I love playing though and I think it’s just gonna go up.

Good app

I love this app because you have choices of what you can put down in this game pocket build:) :)


There is no objective to this game it’s boring I would like a game like those kingdom game that you have to manage stuff


I love this game which is a no mission game:) It’s so fun and you will enjoy and spend lot of time to build your city. In my opinion, I would like to ask for add more things. (Seems like: chicken, pig, cow, sheep....) And add something more modernization. Looking forward more update


You can’t even do anything besides build and it boring I rather buy a different game I want my money back

A silly game

Unfortunately I was enthusiastic at first but I was shocked by the stupid design of the game ،،،،، game without a goal

Love it but...

I love this game but it could use a few more things . Some were already mentioned by other people so here are the ones that I would like to see that I haven’t read. I would like more buildings, both old and modern. Would also like to be able to adjust a bridge’s height, also that there were more modern people and objects roads and general modern stuff. Other than that the game is very fun and entertaining.


Way to peacefulness.They need to make barbarians that u can’t control.They can break stuff!Ba!

Great, but needs small little things

I love the game but I would love to see the ability to give weapons to your people. And also a defense section that adds barricades and archer towers. Small things that medieval kingdoms would have on the outskirts

2nd rotation button for tiles?

By second rotation I mean when placing tiles you are only given the option to rotate clockwise. It would really speed up build speed if you could go counterclockwise!

l😍ve it!

it’s s😍 g😍😍d thank’s f😍r making this game i c😍uidn’t have had fun with😍it and I l😍ve that y😍u can build thank’s s😍 much f😍r making this game!

Little things.

The game is amazing. Beautiful music and beautiful work but it’s missing a couple things that would be very helpful. Half blocks would be a very nice thing to have and a way to minimize and/or enlarge building,cliffs, etc would be perfect. I think names for the blocks like grass or water would be very helpful also.

Be a god

I love the platform🖤 super relaxed game play with full control over your own middle earth. I would suggest some more goblin characters🤺 Keep up the good work.

Great game

This is a great game and is definitely worth buying. I wish that they could add cars and buses. Also, more modern buildings would be nice

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